Having a baby is definitely worth celebrating, and moms all over the world celebrate by throwing a baby shower. In Singapore, the tradition is often called ‘man yue’, a Mandarin-term, referring to the auspices and milestones when the baby reaches the ‘full moon’1. Whatever the cause for celebrating, the basics of baby showers revolve around setting a date, making a guest list, choosing your venue, picking a theme, prepping food, and having fun games. Even when Singapore is still enduring the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s no reason not to celebrate your newborn’s coming - while adhering to the right measures of course!

Save the Date

Begin by setting a date for when the event will take place. Because baby showers are often intimate settings with family and friends. Remember to make a guest list. In relation to this, you may have to decide early on what theme you’ll have – whether it will be a co-ed event or simply be with just the women in your life2. Once you have a theme down, you can easily pick a venue in Singapore. If you opt for an online party, set up the virtual party and send the link7 to your guests.

Otherwise, you can always wait for after the new normal. Floral and garden themes require open spaces, while an all-white event may be best done indoors3. New moms may need to put up decorations but be comfortable asking help from friends and family4. While you’re at it, request a friend, food blogger or food-savvy relative to perhaps whip up something for the menu. Also remember that in a Singaporean ‘man yue’, red eggs are a must since they symbolize prosperity and fertility5. You can also choose to have a gift registry to make it easier for your guests, or expectant moms may decide to assure her guests that personalized gifts are appreciated6.

The Day of the Shower

The food is ready, the decorations are up, the guests are here, and it’s time to party. Be sure to thank your guests for coming. Invite them to food and drinks before partaking in some fun and games. There are many ideas out there, including guessing the flavor of the baby food, guessing the mom’s weight, and offering the new mom advice.

Once it’s time to open presents, have a picture taken with whoever gave you the gift. It would be something you and your child can look back on. In case of a virtual baby shower, gifts can be sent via online shopping7. Be grateful and appreciative of all the joys given to mark your newborn’s first month or 100 days after delivery and enjoy these once in a lifetime moments!


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