Working mothers are now the norm in this day and age, especially in this time of pandemic. However, juggling their full-time work with familial responsibilities still proves to be challenging to our modern mothers.  

Luckily, the Singapore government provides benefits to its mothers, such as maternity leave. Expectant mothers are entitled to a 16-week Government Paid maternity leave or a 12-week maternity leave in Singapore, depending on the child’s nationality.  

To be eligible for maternity leave, the mother should be legally married to the child’s father and the child should be born on or after January 1, 2017. Furthermore, the mother should also be working for their company for at least 3 straight months before the child is born1

Experience a stress-free maternity leave in Singapore and check out these easy-to-follow tips: 

  1. Talk to your employer. Prepare a list of all your questions regarding your benefits to make sure you don’t miss anything2

  1. Encourage your peers. To ensure their cooperation, let them feel that your leave is an opportunity for them to shine.  

  1. Inform your clients. It’s essential to keep them in the loop to make them feel valuable. You can also help them transition smoothly to your partner or temporary replacement too.  

  1. Stay connected. You don’t have to check up on them daily. Just engage with your workmates from time-to-time. 

  1. Talk with your spouse. Fathers are entitled to paternity leave as well to help you recuperate from childbirth and adjust to the circumstances3. You can also discuss with them your childcare plans should both parents decide to work.  

Paid maternity leave in Singapore ensures that the mother and child can enjoy their crucial bonding moments. Get the most out of your precious time with your bundle of joy! 




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