We hope you enjoyed the night dedicated to celebrating you and your first year of milestones where our panel of guests shared beauty, photography and sleep tips! Here’s a summary of the session you can download and share with your mummy buddies.





We're giving three months worth of Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 products to 3 mums who submit the best pics of their little ones!

To enter, simply take a picture with your phone using a photography tip shared during our Mummyversary virtual hangout. Submit the picture with a caption and your particulars below for a chance to win!

Registration closes on 25 September and winners will be contacted via email on 2 October!



*Terms and conditions apply.
Only applicable to mums with children above one year old.



Berlin –

“Watching Somi grow into a toddler is magical. Babies grow amazingly fast during their first year and I’m happy to be able to witness all her developmental milestones from crawling to walking in the past 12 months! I can’t wait to witness her growth with Enfagrow A+ Stage 3!”

Audrey – @audt

“Thaddeus is my third baby and most likely my last. Watching him slowly hit his milestones during his first year was incredible – especially when he started walking and running! Now I’m looking forward to the day he starts talking with the help of Enfagrow A+ Stage 3!”

Qiqi – @missyqiqi

“Even though Xiao Mei is my fourth child, I’m still so amazed every time I watch her hit new milestones. It’s always so novel and exciting like I’m a new mum all over again. With the help of Enfagrow A+ Stage 3, we look forward to watching her join her siblings and play outdoors!”

Jerilyn – @jerilynmoon

“Watching Ella break into her first smile to her standing and sitting has been amazing, I couldn't be more thankful that she's gotten the best start in life. Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 helps me give her all the nutrition she needs and I can't wait to see her future milestones!”