We hope you enjoyed the night dedicated to celebrating you and your first year of milestones where our panel of guests shared beauty, photography and sleep tips! Here’s a summary of the session you can download and share with your mummy buddies.





We're giving three months worth of Enfagrow A+ Stage 3 products to 3 mums who submit the best pics of their little ones!

To enter, simply take a picture with your phone using a photography tip shared during our Mummyversary virtual hangout. Submit the picture with a caption and your particulars below for a chance to win!

Registration closes on 25 September and winners will be contacted via email on 2 October!



*Terms and conditions apply.
Only applicable to mums with children above one year old.



Jerilyn - @jerilynmoon

“I loved taking some time out for myself during the Enfagrow Mummyversary webinar last Friday evening! All the speakers were incredible! Here, I tried out Larry’s 5-minute makeup tip - even Ella loves it! I also love how he shared that you don’t need to wear moisturiser out in the daytime as trapped moisture is the main cause for breakouts around the mask area - something i can totally relate to! Thank you again Enfagrow for such a fun session!!”

Audrey - @audt

“Had a fun time learning about make-up tips for mummies, sleep-training for babies and my personal favourite - tips on how to take the best shots of your child during Enfagrow’s Mummyversary Webinar last Friday! Hehe how's this shot with my baby Teddy? :D Thanks Enfagrow for this amazing session!”

Berlin -

“I attended the Enfagrow Mummyversary webinar last Friday and learnt many simple and sweet tips for photographing little ones. Some of my favourite tips are: (1) take pictures during the golden hour! It’s important to have natural bright light! (2) Best to arrange a shoot when they are well fed and have slept enough! I love how Somi hugs her bunny so sweetly, her cute smiles makes any day better! Thanks again Enfagrow!!”

Qiqi - @missyqiqi

“Even as a mother of 4, I still really enjoyed from the Enfagrow mummyversary webinar last Friday. I took some time to unwind and enjoy the session by the panel of speakers! I think the best tip of the night was definitely from Zoe, the sleep expert! She shared that being consistent with your child’s sleeping habits is very important, which is something i’ve been doing so i can get in some ‘me’ time! Thanks Enfagrow for the event and the exciting lucky draw segment!”