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Hi future moms! Along with picking a hospital and other preparations, one thing mothers should decide on is giving their child a name. Read on for some tips on choosing a good name for your child. If you already know your baby will be a girl, below is a list of some good baby girl names to choose from.

Baby Naming And Feng Shui

If you're a follower of feng shui, you will know that names are important as this can determine the person’s energy field. It is believed that a name can influence how a person interacts and is influenced by the people and energy around them. Here are some reasons why choosing a proper name for your child is important1:

  • Helps in harnessing potential
  • Provides the basic energy field of the person
  • Instills positive energy and characteristics
  • Enhances positive elements innate in oneself
  • Prevents confusion

Picking from Baby Girl Names

Below are some popular baby girl names that may suit the apple of your eye:

Undecided on your baby's name?

English Names


Audrey is an English name that means “noble,” or “strength36.” Celebrities like Audrey Hepburn and Audrey Tautou helped the name gain fame.


English in origin, Evelyn means, “wished for child11.” Evelyn can also trace its roots to the French surname, Aveline. At the start, Evelyn was considered to be a masculine name until it transitioned to the present where it's a popular choice for girls.


Harper is English in origin that means “a harp player10.” Many think that famous author, Harper Lee was responsible for bringing fame to the name. It’s ideal if you want a bit of boyish southern charm for your child.


Jasmine is English for “God’s gift32.” it is popularly used in Turkey, Israel, Belgium and Hungary.


Kimberly is an old English name that means “from the meadow of the royal fortress45.” Kimberly with its nicknames, Kim or Kimmy is a popular choice for baby names for girls.


Madison is an English name that means, “son of Matthew20.” Madison started off as a last name rather than a given or first name.


Natalie is an English name meaning, “the birthday of the Lord30.” Notable celebrity Natalie Portman has since made the name a popular choice for mothers again.


Piper is an English name that means “pipe43.” It was originally a name that was used to describe a pipe player.


Savannah is as English as it gets. The name means a “large or grassy ecosystem35.” It wasn’t popular until a movie entitled, “Savannah Smiles,” came out.


Scarlett is English in origin. It means, “red18.” It is a color that signifies courage, passion, force, joy, and heat. 


Willow is an English name meaning “slender,” or “graceful40.” The name is derived from an observation of willow trees, remarked to be slender and graceful when it sways.

French Names


Adeline is a French name that means “noble42.” Adeline picked up popularity during the Victorian Gothic revival.


Charlotte traces its roots to French. It means “strong,” or “vigorous7.” Charlotte and its male counterpart, Charles have been a favorite amongst nobility.

German Names


Amelia is a German name meaning, “industrious9.” It is a popular baby name for girls in countries like Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.


Germanic in origin, the name Ava means “various4.” This baby name for girls was originally popular amongst German nobles but really gained fame once actress Ava Gardner rose to fame.


Emily is a German name that means, “striving13.” It used to be the most popular baby name for girls because mothers liked how it was feminine, simple, classic, and pretty.


The name Emma has Germanic roots which means “universal,” or “whole2.” It has been a favorite for four years in a row and even claimed first in 2018 in the United States. It’s fame is mostly due to famous celebrities like Emma Watson and Emma Stone.

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Greek Names


Anastasia is a Greek name that means “resurrection37.” Anastasia is popular in Russia and the media. It started it out in early Christianity and was given to Greek girls born in December or Easter.


Anna is a Greek name that means “grace51.” Anna and its French variant, Anne has consistently been a famous name of choice among English speaking countries.


Sophia is a Greek name that means “wisdom6.” Sophia and its variant Sophie rose to fame in European countries. Many prefer using Sophie as they felt that it was more feminine than its counterpart.


Catherine is a Greek name meaning “pure49.” Catherine and its many variants has been among the top 100 popular names through the years.


Chloe is a Greek name that means, “blooming,” or “fertility22.” It was used to describe the blessings of Demeter, a Greek goddess in the summer. 


A Greek name meaning, “bright shining one25,” Eleanor is popular for personalities such as Eleanor Roosevelt and Eleanor Tomlinson.


Elena much like Eleanor, is originally Greek meaning, “shining light27.” The name first appeared in the 12th century. It is a variation of the Greek goddess, Helena.


Melanie is a Greek name that means “dark48.”


Penelope is a Greek name meaning, “weaver23.” It is a classic choice for a baby name for girls popularized by actress Penelope Cruz and Kourtney Kardashian choosing to name her daughter Penelope.


Stephanie is Greek name meaning “crown28.” The name was and remains a popular choice among royalty.


Zoe is a Greek name that means “life33.” Along with other names, it only became popular in the 19th century. Mothers liked the name for its uniqueness.

Hebrew Names


Another Hebrew name, Ella means, “goddess15.” The name regained its popularity during the Victorian era. It remains popular in countries like Israel, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States.


A Hebrew name meaning, “God is abundance14,” Elizabeth has seen usage in the United States since 1880. Notable figures with the name include Queen Elizabeth, Elizabeth Banks and Elizabeth Taylor.


Hebrew in origin, Gabriella is a baby name for girls that means “God is my strength41.” Gabriella and its Italian variant, is very popular amongst Latino Catholics.


Hannah can be traced to Hebrew origins. It means, “favour,” or “grace26.” It can also mean “purple,” ( Kurdish ) “flower,” ( Persian ) or “happiness” ( Arabic ). In the east, the name means “flower,” in Japanese and the number “one” in Korean. It can also mean “moon,” in Albanian.


Isabella means “pledged to God,” in Hebrew5. Isabella became a top girls name in the United States from 2009 to 2010 with most people attributing it to popular fictional character, Isabella “Bella” Swan in the highly successful film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer’s book, “Twilight.”


Josephine is a Hebrew name meaning, “shall grow44.” Originally a variant of the French name, Josephe, Josephine eventually became the standard since the 19th century until now.


Layla is a Hebrew name that means, “night24.” Layla has enjoyed its popularity from the visual and phonetic stylishness of having two ‘l’s in a name much like. Lily, Leila. Lilia.


Michelle is Hebrew in origin that means “gift from God8.” Michelle has been famous and used in the United States since 1915 with 800,000 bearing the name or its variations.


Rebecca is Hebrew in origin meaning “captivating50.” The name Rebecca was a popular choice during the 1960’s until the 1990’s in the UK.


Hebrew in origin meaning, “plain16,” Sharon first existed in the Tanakh. A famous scripture once mentions Sharon, “ I am the rose of Sharon, a rose of the valley.”

Latin Names


Ariana is Latin in origin that means “most holy17.” Besides the Latin origin, Ariana can also be traced to Welsh or old Persian which can mean either “the land of Aryans,” or “silver.” Famous singer Ariana Grande has brought the name back to public consciousness.


Aurora is Latin in origin meaning, “dawn34.”


Caroline is a Latin name that means “beautiful39.” Caroline remains a top choice for names especially in royalty.


Grace is a Latin name meaning “gracious21.” Grace has been popular in Europe since the medieval ages for apparently its moral qualities. Along with other names such as Faith, Chastity, and Hope, it became famous in Puritan circles.


Olivia is a baby name for girls that is Latin in origin. It means “Olive3.” This name is popular all around the world. It has had the top three spots in Australia, United States, and the UK since 2013. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde and Olivia Ong sport the name.


Latin in origin for “queen,” Regina was firstly popular amongst Christians evidenced by the name being used to honor the Virgin Mary during the middle ages12. It has picked up in usage again by the 19th century.


Stella is Latin for, “star31.” The name was not popular until the 19th century. Celebrities like Stella Maxwell and Stella McCartney have helped the name to be more famous.


Victoria is a Latin name that means “victory19.” The roman goddess for victory has this name. She is the roman equivalent for the Greek goddess of victory, Nike.

Muslim Names


Ayesha53, a popular Muslim girl name, can also be spelled A'aisha, Aisha, Aischa, Aicha or Ayşe and is an indirect Quranic name for girls that means “alive”, “well-living”, “happily living”. The name Ayesha was associated with renowned figures that exhibited qualities such as poetry writing, erudition, and champion of many fields of study. Today, the name Ayesha is also associated with intelligence and faithfulness.


Iram52 is a Muslim girl name with multiple Islamic meanings, the best of which are Garden In Heaven, Paradise or Landmark in the Desert.


Eman55 is an Arabic-derived gender-neutral Muslim name which translates to Brave, belief or faith, peace of mind and trust.


Shazia56 is an Arabic originated Muslim Girl Name. It has multiple Islamic meanings, the best of which translates to mean Rare.


This lovely Arabic originated name, Inaya54 means help, care, concern, solicitude or protection.

Tamil Names


Nithila61 is one who glows like a pearl all through her life with everlasting wealth and knowledge with a suggestion of a charismatic personality and friendly demeanour.


Aadhya60 is a beautiful name that translates to ‘First Power’, Goddess Durga, Unequalled, Perfect, The Earth. The name summons power, competence and energy.


The Sanskrit name Sree59 spells out Happiness, Radiance, Prosperity, Goddess Srija and Goddess Lakshmi. Often used as a prefix to many Indian names, Sree suggests a reverential awe about the title holder.


This sweet-sounding name, Ashi58, evokes a host of beautiful emotions. Roughly translated to mean - Evening, Night, Reward, Smile, Peaceful, Love and Affection, Stars of Sky, Ashi is a popular name for a baby girl.


With its roots in Sanskrit, the bringer of brightness and happiness like the rising Sun, is fondly called Ashmi57.

Other Names


Diana is a Roman name meaning “heavenly,” or “divine47.” Diana was known as the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt. It has been a famous name since the renaissance.


Jennifer traces its Celtic in origin that can mean, “the fair one29.” Jennifer is a popular name with notable celebrities like Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lawrence sporting the name.


Irish in origin38, celebrities such as Vanessa Hudgens, Vanessa Carlton, and Vanessa Mae have popularized the name.


Behind each of these baby girl names, there is a story and meaning. Discover over 100 unique names to choose from for your little one using the Enfamama A+ Baby Name Generator!


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