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In a world where life can be so fleeting, it is important to celebrate the moments that make our lives incandescent. For newly minted mothers, nothing is more special than welcoming your new bundle of joy. It’s no secret that the first month can be taxing for new mothers, but in Singapore, it is a cause for auspicious celebration of the newborn. Here are some ideas and themes to make your baby shower in Singapore an incandescent and marvellous occasion - for the baby’s first month or 100 days mark.


Getting Ready for Your Baby Shower in Singapore

A baby shower in Singapore is a social event where friends and family celebrate the joy of motherhood with the added bonus of gifts for new mothers. Think pastels, fluff, and beribboned things. While this custom may have begun in the early 1900s, it wasn’t until after World War II that baby showers became popularized1. Tracing its roots to the Western culture, a ‘stork’ showers, as it was called back then. This particular event practices giving gifts to expecting mothers with only her most intimate friends present.

Other cultures have since adapted the custom of holding a post-partum baby shower. In Singapore, this is more commonly known as the ‘man yue’ in Mandarin2.

Planning a baby shower in Singapore is as simple as setting the time and date. Once done, think of your guest list. There’s a rising trend in holding co-ed showers. This is where friends of both new moms and dads congregate to celebrate parenthood3. However, before you go co-ed, consider first if you’d prefer the more traditional type with just the girls as you ooh and aww over those cutesy things3. Consider also whether the dads might be comfortable reliving the birthing stories, or if he’d just rather stick to being a supportive husband outside of the baby shower.

Doing More Prep for the Baby Shower

From there, you can begin to consider the venue of the baby shower in Singapore. It can be grand and striking at a popular event place. There are many of these places available in Singapore to choose from. A small intimate affair at home is another option. Picking a theme may be as simple as going for a floral concept, a garden tea party, an all-white event, or gender-based color theme4. Be sure to also involve your friends and family5. Have your sister or a cousin decorate the venue with tassels, tissue pompoms, and party streamers. To save up on costs, try online shopping instead of buying from party stores5.

Because ordering catered services might be a little too expensive, ask your foodie friend to prepare some savory knick-knacks for the event. Maybe you have an aunt who bakes for a living, where you can order a tower of decadent cupcakes. One of your girlfriends will certainly whip up some mimosas. For a ‘man yue’, it is a must to have red eggs. Red symbolizes good luck and blessings while the egg means fertility and new life6.


The Day of Your Baby Shower in Singapore

While opening gifts is the main event for a baby shower in Singapore, you can plan a variety of games. Guessing the baby food, guessing the mother’s post-partum weight, and suggesting future careers for the baby are some games that you can do. If it’s a co-ed party, have the men race to drink juice, milk or beer from a baby bottle. Have mothers, aunts, and grandmothers share stories about their first 100 days experiences.

Once all that is done, it’s time to open the presents. Registering for gifts can help you to stock up on the essentials you may need such as clothes, toys, even bibs and diapers. More personalized and novelty gifts are also welcome, so guests will not have to feel pressured7. But most of all, it’s the joy of being together with family and friends as you introduce your healthy bundle of joy after a month or 100 days post-delivery.

While the entire world may currently be on pause, that doesn’t mean you should give up your plans. In case necessary for the sake of social distancing, you can always go ahead with your plans and have a virtual baby shower in Singapore – with just a few guests, a bit of decoration, and some gifts sent electronically8. After all, it remains as a momentous occasion that must be celebrated, no matter what.

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