How to strengthen immune system with MFGM

Children learn by using their five senses to perform various activities and learn from their surroundings. They use their hands to touch things and put what was found in their mouth as a means of exploration. By the time they start walking, they want to go out and learn more about the world. All of these things increase the chances of coming into contact with germs.

In other words, their desire to learn makes them more vulnerable to pathogens. Respiratory tract infections, such as a cold or allergy, have an impact on children's learning. Because of this, it is important for parents to learn how to strengthen immune system for their children. And it was found that nutrients like MFGM can help immunity — and more. Let's look at the details of this study.

Where Does MFGM Come From?

MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) is a biological membrane wrapped around milk fat particles found in milk. It contains fats and more than 150 proteins, which are all beneficial to the body and brain1. And with today’s technology, MFGM can now be added to children’s milk formula.

How to Strengthen Immune System: MFGM and Children's Immunity

The immune system acts as a defense against infection. But even before the immune system comes into play, the human body has various levels of protection against pathogens such as skin, tissues, or secretions which serve to protect the body from germs and foreign matter. Finally, the immune system, through white blood cells, will destroy harmful pathogens that enter the body.

It is important for parents to know how to strengthen immune system and provide nutrition for immunity. As your child learns new things, good nutrition is essential for effective immunity, so that the learning of your child is complete and continuous. Many nutrients help to strengthen your child’s immune system, including DHA, zinc, iodine, and iron, as well as nutrients like MFGM.

Studies have shown that proteins in MFGM help support the body's immune system and the defense mechanism against viral and bacterial infections, supporting your child's body to fight infection1. For example, studies have shown that MFGM reduces the risk of developing acute otitis media2 and promotes the work of the immune system.

A study on a group of population who were fed with formula enriched with MFGM had a shorter duration of fever or illness and took fewer antibiotics than those fed with formula without MFGM3. This further supports MFGM’s beneficial effect on immune functions4.

How to Strengthen Immune System for Continuous Learning

Mothers know that a healthy body gives many benefits to their child. If a child’s body is not healthy, they cannot learn like everyone else. Just imagine: instead of having fun doing various activities, going outside and playing, having fun exploring, the child has to be inside and rest because of a cold or an allergy. How many opportunities did they lose for learning?

With a stronger immune system, your child will have less chance of getting sick and will have fewer sick days. When children are less likely to get sick, learning never stops. And, of course, mothers can also reduce the cost and time spent taking care of their sick child.

A healthy child has an advantage because they are always ready to learn, and without health problems, they can learn without interruption. It is the duty of parents to learn how to strengthen immune system for their children. When your child is healthy, you don’t have to worry about illness, and your child can play and learn at their highest potential.

MFGM promotes a healthy brain

Beyond how to strengthen the immune system and reducing the chance of sickness in children, MFGM supports brain development as well. Clinical research found that those who received MFGM along with DHA had higher intelligence development scores than those who received only DHA. A 21-day laboratory experiment on the function of MFGM found that the nutrients in MFGM working with DHA increased the likelihood of connecting brain cells than DHA alone1. The more brain cells that are connected, the greater the benefit to children’s learning.

Thanks to all these studies on the benefits of MFGM, it can be said that MFGM is a nutrient that can help support the immune system of children, reduces the chance of sickness, and promotes brain development for your child’s continuous learning by being a part of a well-balanced diet and in combination with appropriate stimulation.

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