Ensure your child’s safety and wellbeing by prudently going over these topics and issues on his caregiver’s first day.

Rules and expectations

  1. Main tasks and what a typical day will be like

  2. Values that are important to you (honesty, kindness, etc.)

  3. Prorities (hygiene, safety)

  4. Screen time rules for your child

  5. Mobile phone usage

    1. Taking photos of/with your child

    2. Posting photos of/with your child on social media

    3. Taking calls/texting/browsing social media feed while working

  6. Off-limit areas/objects

  7. Work and rest schedule

  8. Meal plan for your caregiver

  9. Having guests over

For emergencies

  1. Your contact information and whom else to call in case you are unavailable

  2. Emergency contact information

    1. Fire department

    2. Police

    3. Paediatrician

    4. Poison control

    5. Nearby hospitals

    6. Neighbours or close-by friends/relatives

  3. Locations of:

    1. Light switches

    2. Fire extinguisher

    3. Escape route

    4. First-aid kit

    5. Fuse box

    6. Water shutoff

    7. Emergency kit

*You may opt to enrol your caregiver in short courses on handling different child emergencies.

Child’s schedule

  1. Activities for the day (if possible be specific about which books/games/toys to focus on for the day/week). Ensure that varied activities are planned to continue encouraging your child’s intellectual,physical, and overall development even while you are away.

  2. Bathing instructions

  3. Feeding times

  4. Nap times

  5. Outside walks (if allowed to leave the premises without you)

  6. Sleep routine

Plan your child’s schedule too keep their routinePlan your child’s schedule too keep their routine

Feeding time

  1. Feeding time and preparation instructions

  2. Food that’s off-limits

  3. Allergy information

  4. Vitamins/medications (if any)

Feeding time can be a great bonding time with your childFeeding time can be a great bonding time with your child