How MFGM in milk improves brain and immune functions

We already know that milk contains a wide variety of key nutrients necessary for a child’s development. MFGM is also one of the nutrients found in milk and supports your child’s brain and immune development1.

Let's take a closer look at what MFGM is and why children should not miss out on this nutrient.

MFGM: The Name May Not Be Familiar, But It Has Always Been in Milk

MFGM (Milk Fat Globule Membrane) is a “fat particle membrane in milk” found in milk, as well as cow’s milk. This membrane encapsulates the fat particles in milk, allowing the fat to remain in its shape in milk, which contains various key nutrients that benefit the body2.

What Does MFGM Consist Of? Why Is It Good for Your Child?

MFGM itself contains more than 150 proteins and fats in total. Clinical studies have shown that MFGM promotes the development of the brain, emotional intelligence, and the immune system2.

MFGM Improves Brain Cell Connections

MFGM contains complex lipids such as sphingomyelin, phospholipids, and gangliosides, which promote the formation of nerve cells’ myelin sheath to enhance the efficiency of nerve signal transmission and boost the connection between brain cells3.

It helps promote the connection between brain cells for the brain to work at its full capacity. This introduces a positive impact on brain development in children.

A 21-day laboratory experiment revealed that the nutrients in MFGM working with DHA gives 2x more connections per brain cell compared to DHA on its own2.

This could be due to the fact that MFGM contains nutrients which boost neurodevelopmental development. Coupled with DHA, it can further help boost brain development.

MFGM Strengthens the Immune System

Strengthening children's immunity is very important and MFGM can help in its development. Studies have also found that certain proteins in MFGM help support the body's immune system against viral and bacterial infections4,5. It braces the child's body to fight infection. For example, studies have shown that MFGM reduces the risk of developing acute otitis media4.

A study on a group of population found that those who received formula with MFGM had shorter periods of fever or illness, and were less likely to use antibiotics than those who didn’t receive MFGM added formula — signs of stronger immunity5.

When your child has a good immune system, he/she will be healthy and ready to learn new things. MFGM helps to develop more complex communication and languages. According to one study, it was found that those who were fed with MFGM had better language development and more complex communication skills than those without MFGM6.

Key Nutrients for Emotional Development: the MFGM Difference

A clinical study showed that MFGM promotes behavioural development, which is a part of overall emotional development5.

As you can see, MFGM can promote the development of brain, intelligence, language, and immunity, so mothers should focus more on this nutrient.

Where Can My Child Get MFGM?

In the past, a significant amount of MFGM was lost during the production of formula milk. But with the advancement of technology, it is now possible to enrich formula milk powder with MFGM from cow's milk. Don’t miss out on giving your child key nutrients for their development!

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