What do you need to pack in your hospital bag for delivery?

Packing for your “big day” at the hospital can be tedious and nerve-racking. As a soon-to-be mum, you may feel nervous in anticipation of labour, among many things on your mind at this time. If you’re stressed out just thinking about what to pack – we get it, and we’re here to help.

If you don’t know where to begin – well, firstly, take a deep breath. Collect yourself, and keep calm. Now, take a look at our handy labour bag checklist to help you prepare what you’ll need for delivery at a hospital in Singapore.

Make sure you get these essentials ahead of time. Plan for the possibility of your baby arriving early. As a rule of thumb, parents should have their hospital bag for baby delivery ready three weeks before your baby’s due date.1

Find a trusty pen and a sheet of paper, and get ready to jot down your own hospital bag checklist from these suggestions below.

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Important documents for delivery in a Singapore hospital2

  • Make sure you and your partner bring your NRIC.
  • Bring your complete medical records, including your doctor or gynaecologist’s admission order.
  • Bring your birth plan for your hospital caregivers to refer to.
  • Pack your insurance card and insurance documents. You may need to bring receipts of your visits to the doctor / gynaecologist to avail of the MediSave Maternity Package.
  • Bring your marriage certificate for the registration of your newborn baby.
  • Have your baby’s doctor’s name and phone number on hand. Make sure it’s saved in your phone, and write it down on a card for easy reference.

It’s best to call the hospital to inquire about the documents they’ll need from you.

Pro tip: Make sure you have both the hard copies and digital backup copies of these documents before packing your bags. Photos or scans of these documents should come in handy in the unfortunate case that you misplace the printed out copies. Make sure to organize these documents in labeled folders for easy access and reference.

Essentials for COVID-19 safety

You need to take extra safety measures in today’s “new normal.” Make sure you have:

  • Your COVID-19 vaccination card, if applicable.
  • A recent COVID-19 test result, if required by hospital protocol.
  • Face masks. Bring spare ones just in case.
  • Rubbing alcohol or hand sanitizer; antiseptic wipes for disinfecting.

Call the hospital in advance to inquire about their COVID-19 protocols and safety requirements.

Essential items

Don’t forget these must-haves:

  • Phone, wallet, credit card
  • Phone cord and phone charger
  • A camera to take photos or videos with
  • Healthy snacks and drinking water to keep you energised. Bring the vitamins and supplements your doctor prescribed. Enfamama A+ Maternal & Lactating Formula can support the nutritional needs of mother and developing baby during pregnancy and lactation.
  • Pack toiletries:
    • Toothbrush, toothpaste
    • Soap, shampoo, conditioner, or shower gel
    • Toilet paper
    • Face and body towels
    • Hairbrush / comb
    • Facial wash, moisturiser, lotion, and items essential to your self-care routine.

Essentials for Mum

It’s important to anticipate and look after your needs before and after giving birth. Bring the following:

  • Adult diapers / sanitary napkins / maternity pads for postpartum bleeding or discharge
  • Breast pump
  • Nipple cream
  • Comfy, loose-fitting clothes
  • Maternity underwear / disposable underwear
  • Nursing bra and breast pads
  • Socks
  • Comfy bedroom slippers

Essentials for Your Baby

Here’s what to pack for your hospital delivery bag for the newest member of your family:

  • Receiving blankets to wrap around your newborn baby upon delivery, or for swaddling and burping. You can bring more than one to make sure you’ll always have a clean one on hand.
  • Diapers, baby wipes, and baby wash to keep them clean.
  • A diaper rash cream, just in case.
  • Clothes for your baby to wear in the hospital and upon discharge. Make sure to pack socks, mittens and a bonnet in case it gets cool.
  • Your baby’s car safety seat.

Other items

  • Books and magazines; or a tablet for reading, watching movies or TV shows, or to play games on, to keep yourself and your partner entertained while you wait for labour to begin.
  • A notebook for keeping notes, lists, journaling, and staying organized. You can keep your list of baby names in your notebook too in case you haven’t picked out a name just yet.
  • Items that can soothe and comfort you: essential oils, prayer beads or lucky charms, or photos of your loved ones.

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1. Pack your bag for labour. NHS UK. Accessed November 1, 2021.