pregnancy week 37 developmentHelp your baby develop in the thirty-seventh week of your pregnancy

As your baby moves to a curled up position in your womb, continue to eat a healthy and balanced diet to support his or her development.

What’s happening this week?

Are you familiar with the term “fetal position”? This is exactly how your little one is curled up now. If your baby is born now, he or she is still considered to be early term, but the organs are ready to functioni.

In these last weeks of pregnancy, the baby's head should move down into your pelvis. If you notice, you will see your bump to have moved down a little. Another change is that the lanugo that covered your baby's body is now almost all goneii.

Your baby should now weigh about 6.3 pounds (2.8 kilograms) and his or her length from head to toe should be around 19 inches (48 centimeters)iii. He or she will be gaining weight even in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

What can you expect? 

You may find yourself having an overwhelming urge to clean, cook, or get your house organized. This is known as ‘nesting’, a normal instinct in anticipation of the big changes that are about to come. Make the rest of your pregnancy as comfortable and enjoyable as possible with these tips:

  • Delegate nesting responsibilities. Work out how your partner or a family member can take on some of these chores.
  • Rest as much as possible. Your due date is just around the corner. Save your energy for the big day!

What can you do to support your pregnancy?

Continue to consume protein- and calcium-rich foods to support your baby’s body and bones development in these last few weeks before birth. Food rich in DHA remains important for your baby’s brain development.

You might be packing for the hospital stay by now. Aside from essentials such as toiletries, do consider taking along some birthing aids like a stress ball, a good book, and perhaps a camera to capture those first moments as a bigger family.

Try to remain as calm as you possibly can in these last few weeks of your pregnancy and think loving and happy thoughts, which will help you feel connected with your baby after birthiv.




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