*Terms & Conditions

  • The voucher code APPFIRST25 is valid until 31st Dec 2024.
  • The voucher code is applicable for first-time order on the Enfamama A+ Club App only.
  • Applicable to 800g Enfagrow A+ Gentlease Stage 3 , 1.65kg Enfagrow Pro A+ Stage 3,4,5 and 800g Enfamama A+ products only. While stocks last.
  • All products sold through Enfagrow A+ Club App has a minimum of 6 months’ expiration date unless otherwise stated in the product listing page.
  • Every order can only have a maximum of 1 voucher to be applied. There is strictly no stacking of vouchers i.e. using 2 or more vouchers at the same time.
  • If a voucher code is provided in the campaign landing page, the voucher code will only be utilised if the voucher is successfully keyed in upon checkout by the customer manually. Due to technical restrictions, we are unable to input the voucher on your behalf once the order has been made. Currently, the voucher will not be automatically keyed in upon checkout.
  • T&C: Capped at $30

We reserve the right to amend the above terms and mechanics at any time during the year and participants are encouraged to check the website for the latest terms.

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