Today we live in a world where women can break the glass ceiling and -- if they choose -- be mothers at the same time. And yet, any working mother will tell you that challenges remain. If you’re a new mother, it’s natural to feel anxious about returning to work and leaving your baby. But, as other Singaporean working mothers will also attest to, it’s possible to survive this challenging time in your life -- and what’s more, thrive in all your roles as a woman. Singapore maternity leave laws are on your side, and so is your “village” of family, friends and community. Allow these tips to guide you in this exciting time:

Make the Most of Singapore Maternity Leave

1. Make the Most of Singapore Maternity Leave

Singapore maternity leave entitles you to 16 weeks of paid leave if your child is a citizen1. Use this time wisely. Focus on your time with your new baby, your confinement, and your recovery. These precious weeks will be some of the most meaningful in your life.

As the end of your maternity leave approaches, prepare to make adjustments. Talk to family members about how you will move forward as you return to work. If you’re getting a nanny, have them come to your home so you can supervise them.

When you’re ready, it’s time to go back to work. Keep open communications with your place of work during your maternity leave. And remember, in Singapore, working mothers have rights. You are protected from retrenchment or dismissal1.

Prepare for Childcare

2. Prepare for Childcare

Your number one priority as a working mother will always be your child. If you need to enlist childcare services, go through a checklist with caregivers. Finalise schedule, payment, emergency contact lists, responsibility details and your expectations with your childcare provider. Do a practice run from home to the childcare provider and then to work so you can gauge your new commute time.

Rely on Your Partner

3. Rely on Your Partner

Parenthood is a partnership! And it’s a lot easier when you’ve got a great partner who shares the load with you. Start with open communication to ensure that your needs and your partner’s are answered. Then share tasks both big and small -- from feeding to bath time. Take turns with your husband to tend to your child through the night so you can get some much needed rest too.

Trust in Tech

4. Trust in Tech

Your smartphone isn’t just about work; it can also be an aid to your home life. Use it to manage both. Create family calendars, reminders or work emails even when you’re on the go!

Setting up reminders in your phone will help you organise your work and home schedule so you can always stay on top of things. Stay in touch with family even when you’re away by using video calls so that your child can see and hear you.

Be in Control of House Chores

5. Be in Control of House Chores

It’s inevitable that you will have to make some adjustments now that you’re a working mother. Consider preparing meals ahead of time by cooking and freezing them for another day. Alternatively, gather delivery menus if you don’t have time to cook. Ordering from the right restaurants can be just as healthy as home-cooked meals.

Fill in the details of your new schedule, and figure out your daily commute schedule including daily baby-shuttling duties. Finally, don’t be afraid to get help. Keep your house in order by scheduling cleaning or laundry day, or get a professional cleaner to help ease your burden.

Prioritise Your Time

6. Prioritise Your Time

There are only so many hours in a day, so now that you are a working mother, some things will simply have to be given up. You will need to master prioritisation to work effectively. What can be done during your day? What can be pushed back? How much will your employer, friends and family understand the demands of your new life?

You are understandably busy and must learn that it’s okay to say “no” to extra activities that are less important. Not everything will fit into your day, so your time is more important now than ever.

Don’t Skip Daily Routines

7. Don’t Skip Daily Routines

Always be present in your child’s life by making sure that certain routines are not skipped. Eating meals like breakfast and dinner together can be a great way of fostering togetherness as a family, especially as your child gets older. Bedtime can likewise be a special time for you and your child as you tuck them into bed or read them a story.

Don’t Lose Focus on the Little Things

8. Don’t Lose Focus on the Little Things

Sometimes the small things are what matters most, such as spending the weekend together as a family, engaging in playtime, and even giving your child a bath. Cherish every moment as the kids will grow up all too soon.

As a working mother, you’ll need to learn how to finely tune your work-life balance, especially during your child’s early years. You’re not going to want to miss any of those precious moments. Be present in the now and take time to enjoy your new and growing family!

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