when to start potty training

So, you might have reached the point where you’re wondering when to start potty training. Perhaps friends with kids of a similar age are beginning to potty train their little ones. Or maybe you’ve put a potty in your bathroom and have noticed your child is showing an interest in it. Whatever your reason for questioning whether it’s time, we’re here to help.

Remember, there’s no “normal” age for when to start potty training. While a child of 18-months-old might be physiologically ready (that is, they are able to control their bladder or bowel movements) they might not be emotionally ready1. Typically a child is ready to start using the potty or toilet somewhere between the ages of 2 and 4 years old.

While this is a significant milestone that you are no doubt keen to reach, you should only start when your child (and you) feel ready. While every toddler is different, it’s helpful to look out for certain signs that typically indicate they’re ready to give potty training a go2. Answering the following questions should give you an idea about when to start potty training, or whether to wait a while.


Is your child...