Now that your little one has been able to take on more roles at his meal, here are some ways you can help him do that.



Food tasting.

Place a variety of foods on his plate and let him play with the food. He is playing food critic. Of course it will be messy, but with this he learns to experiment with tastes and learn to hold food himself and put food in his mouth himself.

toddler tasting food
cute food for toddlers



Limit the amount of food you give him.

Too much will only create a mess. Besides, too many choices may be confusing to a toddler who often sees blended food only.


Introduce new foods regularly.

He may or may not like it but try introducing new things to his palate. Different flavours, tastes and aromas will help him decide his favourites.




Don't force your child to eat.

He will eat when he is hungry and stop when he is full. Meal times should be fun. He must not find it boring or difficult. Help him look forward to meal times.


toddler eating broccoli
toddler enjoys eating


Play mommy.

Your little one will make a mess. Stay patient and don't scold him. It is very important to support, not punish him when he eats. Always pay attention to the amount he eats. If your child just throws his peas away and plays with his yogurt without actually eating it that means it's time to end the meal. Wash up his hands and wipe his mouth to indicate meal time is over.




Picky eating

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toddler drinking Enfagrow A+

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