Help unleash learning potential at your child’s favorite museum

Don’t underestimate the power of playtime. Personal experiences between a child’s birth to the age of five matter significantly to children’s long-term emotional and physical development.i From sensory play at museums to beach fun, the possibilities to unleash your child’s learning potential are endless. Get inspired to engage with your child at your next exhibition visit and boost their learning.


Museum manners

Simply challenge your kid to have ‘Museum Manners’. Get them to walk like a mouse, hiss (whisper) like a snake or even crawl like a snail. If they can do all these activities with ease, reward them with a candy. Bonus points if mum and dad join in too!

toddler learning at a museum


Finish the Sentence

Encourage story-telling with your little one by encouraging them to finish your sentence. This fun activity at your next museum visit not only sparks your child’s creativity but also develops their communication skills. Who knows where their imagination will take them!

toddler and dad at a museum


Play Speed See – Curiosity & Communication skills

On your next trip to one of Singapore’s must-see museums, turn on a timer for 30 seconds and get your child to observe a display. When the timer goes off, ask your child to turn away and describe all the things they see. Interacting with each exhibit opens the door for their curiosity and helps strengthen their communication skills.

toddler exploring a museum


The Next Monet – Motor skills & creativity

To help your little Monet master his motor skills, become their creative canvas! Following your next gallery outing, wear a white apron and keep paints ready. Then, ask your child to draw one of the paintings on you! It’s never too early to teach and inculcate your child with elements of art, while broadening their cultural horizons.

toddler at an art museum


FutureWorld Exhibition – Motor development

Before visiting the Art Science Museum’s Future World exhibition, build tower blocks together at home and take some photos. Once you’re there, recreate this with your child using the giant glowing blocks. It’s a fun way to get them moving and thinking!

toddler playing at FutureWorld


FutureWorld Colour Orchestra 

Another fun family installation at ArtScience Museum’s Future World exhibition is the Colour Orchestra. Challenge kids to name the colours of the giant balls. This multi-sensorial experience will challenge their cognitive skills as the space’s colours and sounds change alternatingly. 

toddler playing with a colour orchestra




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