Unleash your child’s learning potential in nature

On your next trip to the gardens or parks, here are some activities you can do to engage with your child, to unleash his learning potential!


Life on Leaves - Imagination, creativity and motor skills

  • Make sport fun for kids aged three years and above with a fun scavenger hunt!
  • Start looking for big fallen leaves and place them on the grass.
  • Pretend to be a frog, caterpillar or butterfly; hopping, crawling, or flying from lily pad to lily pad.
  • More than just a good workout, they’ll be dreaming up storylines that stretch their imagination and creativity to its limits.i

toddler playing on grass


Nature Walk for nature love & creativity

Plan a nature walk and introduce your child to the trees, flowers and animals. You could also collect fallen flowers or sticks; bring them home to engage in arts and crafts to unleash your child's creativity.

mom and toddler on a nature walk


Shadow Drawing - Hand–eye coordination & attention span

Lay a piece of paper on the ground, so you can see shadows appear from the trees on to the paper. Encourage your child to use a colored pencil or crayon to trace the shadows, so that they can understand concepts like distance and size.

toddler shadow drawing


Stick Figures – Spark imagination & creativity

  • Help guide your child in using their imagination to find appropriate objects, such as fallen sticks and leaves to create a series of entertaining characters on the garden floor.
  • It is the chance to get outdoors and moving about for physical development as well as helps children build their communication skills through storytelling.

toddler making stick figures




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