pregnancy week 32 developmentHelp your growing baby develop in the thirty-second week of your pregnancy

In week 32, your baby shifts into an upside-down position to prepare for birth.

What’s happening this week?

In just a few more weeks you’ll get to meet your sweet baby who can’t wait to meet you too! In preparation for the big day, he or she is now shifting into a head-down positioni in your womb.

Your baby is getting better at sensing the world around him or her. His or her hair is still growing, and he or she has eyebrows and eyelashes too.

This week, your little one weighs about 3.75 pounds (1.7 kilograms) and is now 16.75 inches (42 centimeters) from head to toeii.

What can you expect? 

As your baby shifts into an upside-down position, the head may press on your sciatic nerveiii. This may produce tingling or sharp pains in the legs and buttocks – a condition known as sciaticaiv.

You should try to ease the pain and have a comfortable pregnancy with these tips:

  • Try using a heating pad for relief.
  • Exercise. This helps prevent sciatica and is a treatment option under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Walking and stretching can already help with the symptoms and strengthen your back muscles. Remember to consult your doctor before doing any exercises during your pregnancy.
  • Have a firm mattress. It should be able to support your shoulders and buttocks to help keep your spine straight.

What can you do to support your pregnancy?

To support the weight of your growing belly and take additional pressure off your back, why not consider getting a specially designed orthopedic pillow? Now’s also the time to ask your partner for extra back rubs!

Your baby’s brain is undergoing rapid and complex growth, so maintain a balanced and nutritious diet to support this. Continue to eat foods rich in DHA, a building block of your baby’s brain. DHA accumulates most rapidly in his/her brain during the last trimester of your pregnancyv.

Remember that it takes more than just IQ for your child to thrive in the future – having good emotional intelligence is important too. With both IQ and EQ centered in the brain, doing what you can to support his or her brain development truly goes a long way in helping your child become future ready.




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