All toddlers have their own timetable, but you can watch for certain developments around this time. Celebrate with your child as she reaches or nears these milestones.

CognitiveChild’s 21 to 24 months milestone

  • Shows continuing interest in names of objects
  • Names simple objects in a book
  • Knows how household items are used (a spoon to eat, a telephone to talk)
  • Names at least six body parts
  • Uses toys when pretending to do everyday tasks (feeding a stuffed animal)
  • Remembers favorite items that are out of sight (crackers in cupboard, a toy in toy box)
  • Follows two-step requests
  • May begin to organize items by category—size or type, for example


  • Stands on tiptoes
  • Walks with balance along curbs or logs
  • Runs
  • Climbs well
  • Navigates stairs, up and down
  • Kicks a ball
  • May jump
  • Throws overhand
  • Uses pincer grip accurately
  • Manipulates toys appropriately
  • Able to turn knobs, push buttons
  • Able to turn pages one at a time
  • Uses a spoon and possibly a fork
  • Stacks up to six blocks


  • May use 50 to 70 words
  • Uses simple phrases or puts two words together (“all gone”)
  • May say first sentence, 18 to 30 months
  • Sings
  • May refer to self by name, especially instead of saying “I“
  • May ask, “Why?”
  • About half of speech is understandable to strangers


  • Shows poor impulse control
  • Prone to tantrums
  • Makes broad, often quick emotional shifts
  • May show changing preference for one parent or the other
  • Becomes more interested in playing with other children