A+ Mama App is your companion through the journey of pregnancy & parenthood.

There are tools to get prepared, track progress, record experience, get up-to-date information and many essential tools to empower yourself as a parent.

Also, with this mobile app you can get support and be rewarded by joining our community!

It's our commitment to constantly enhance this mobile app to help your parenting journey.



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A+ Mama App, Parenting Tool @ Your Fingertips!

Facilitates mothers to record the whole pregnancy and parenting journey.

Growth Record

For parents to monitor and promote their children’s health, growth, and development.

Kick Counter

Allows expecting mothers to monitor fetus activities and keep the record for reference.

Developmental Milestone

A list of some of the common attributes that children learn as they grow up.

Labour Plan

Stores important information, making sure all information is easy to access when needed.


Hand-picked, relevant, important articles to moms and dads.

Weight Tracker

Find your target weight range for this pregnancy and see if you're on track for ending up at a healthy weight.


Allows users to make sure all necessary items and preparations are not left out.

Share Joy

An easy way to share expecting mom’s thoughts and photos to popular social networks.


Recommended classical music to help expecting moms to stay calm and happy and also help stimulate the unborn baby’s brain development.

Doctor Appointment

Assists users to keep track of monthly check-up.

Consumer Care

Contact information of our Consumer Care to assist users on use of application, nutrition advice service and free sample request.