Discover how the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study has the ability to improve your child's entire development.

  1. Unlocking Cognitive Benefits: for benefits with IQ and EQ.

  2. Cognitive benefits that last 5.5 years: The 5 Year MFGM Advantage Follow-Up Study focuses on how the Advantage fosters large vocabulary, greater attention, higher IQ

  3. MFGM and Holistic Health: Fostering Brain, Immunity, and Gut Development with the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study

  4. In conclusion: Nurturing a Bright Future with MFGM

  5. Frequently Asked Questions

The 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study: Little girl doing her studies with a glass of MFGM fortified milk at the table


Step into the world of nurturing child development, where important factors like learning, critical thinking, EQ and IQ (emotions and Intelligence), motor skills development, memory and speech, immune system and even gut health come together through the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study. This special approach creates a foundation for children to grow in a balanced way. This article will explore the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study and how:

  • It fosters holistic growth, including learning, thinking, emotional intelligence (EQ), and physical abilities.

  • Its approach boosts IQ, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence, preparing youngsters for success.

  • It helps with motor skills development, speech development, and cognitive growth.

  • It is important for gut health and immunity, which contributes to children's general well-being and balanced growth.

Think of it like a puzzle, where each piece – like learning and emotional intelligence – fits together to help kids become smart, skilled, and healthy while promoting thinking, feelings, smarts, how we move, talking, immunity and even tummy health. With the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study, these puzzle pieces work hand in hand to shape kids into strong, clever, and happy individuals.


Now, let's take a closer look at how the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study unfolds its transformative effects, contributing significantly to your child's holistic growth and development.


1. Cognitive Benefits

- Benefits of MFGM on a Child's IQ

MFGM is a crucial ingredient found in breast milk and specific formulae. It's a key player in shaping your child's brain power, enhancing learning and concentration. Here are three important ways it does that:

A. Boosting Brain Power: MFGM acts like a brain booster. It supports the complex network in your child's brain, helping them think and learn faster. Research shows that kids who get enough MFGM tend to have sharper minds and higher IQs.⁷

B. Elevating Language Skills: MFGM is like a language enhancer. Children who have MFGM-rich nutrition often have advanced language skills. They can express themselves better, expand their vocabulary, and communicate effectively.⁸

C. Nurturing Motor Skills Development: The benefits of MFGM go beyond brain development and influence the improvement of both fine and gross motor abilities. Nurturing brain growth through MFGM indirectly supports the development of improved motor skills, laying a strong foundation for your child's cognitive and physical progress.⁹

MFGM enhances brain development, subsequently helping in the improvement of a child's motor skills. Nurturing brain growth through MFGM indirectly supports the development of improved motor skills, laying a strong foundation for your child's cognitive and physical progress.

- Benefits of MFGM on a Child's Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to your child's emotional growth and EQ, MFGM plays a vital role, nurturing a range of positive qualities that contribute to a well-rounded personality. MFGM has a favourable influence on a child's development in a variety of ways, including social skills, emotional well-being, and adaptability. The influence of MFGM unfolds in a significant way:

Children who are fed MFGM-rich foods have better social abilities, making it simpler for them to connect with others and form relationships. They also have stronger emotional control, which allows them to communicate their emotions more effectively. Furthermore, MFGM promotes adaptation, assisting youngsters in navigating the problems of daily life with greater ease and flexibility.¹¹ ¹² 

In essence, the incorporation of MFGM in your child's diet not only shapes their cognitive abilities but also lays the foundation for a well-adjusted, focused individual with a high level of emotional intelligence.


2. Cognitive benefits that last 5.5 years: The 5 Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study

The groundbreaking MFGM study has shown that it has big benefits for kids’ brain power and neurobehavioural development in the long run. When tested at 12 months and again at 5.5 years of age, children with MFGM in their formula reached their learning milestones faster than those without. The study found that these MFGM-fed children scored higher on IQ tests (+5.2 points), processed information faster (+7.1 points), and were better at understanding shapes and spaces (+5.3 points), among other improvements. So, MFGM is like a super boost for your child's brain and emotional development!⁶

These findings highlight the complete impact of MFGM on long-term neurodevelopmental benefits. MFGM emerges as a driving force that pushes cognitive growth, critical thinking, EQ and emotional growth, strengthens information processing efficiency, improves spatial understanding, and functions as a supply of vital nutrients.

As responsible parents, making informed choices about your child's nutrition is paramount, especially when it comes to their neurological growth. Embracing the significance of MFGM¹ and its role in overall development empowers you to prioritise a diet that fosters enduring neurodevelopmental advantages. Incorporating MFGM into your child's nutritional regimen contributes not only to their cognitive prowess but also to their holistic well-being.

The 5-Year MFGM Advantage: Toddler having a glass of MFGM fortified milk for holistic brain and digestive development

3. MFGM and Holistic Health: Enhancing Brain, Immunity, and Gut Development through the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study

In the realm of nurturing your child's well-being, the role of MFGM takes centre stage. Beyond its impact on cognitive growth, MFGM also influences two vital aspects: gut health and immunity. Let's delve into how MFGM contributes to these essential dimensions of your child's overall health.

A. MFGM and Brain Boost: Unleashing Your Child's Potential. When it comes to helping your child's brain grow, MFGM is a game-changer. With its special ingredients, MFGM actively supports their brain's growth, contributing positively to cognitive development. It helps them learn faster, solve problems better, and even language development thereby helping to talk more fluently.¹º By giving your child foods with MFGM, you're giving their brain a boost that sets them up for a brighter future.

B. Nurturing Gut Health and Digestion: MFGM nurtures a healthy gut. MFGM's unique composition serves as a digestive ally. It helps maintain balanced digestion by promoting the growth of beneficial gut bacteria.¹¹ These bacteria are vital for breaking down food and absorbing nutrients effectively. By fostering a healthy gut, MFGM contributes to the fundamental well-being of your child. A happy tummy means a healthier, happier child overall.¹¹

C. Empowering Immunity: The connection between MFGM and immune function is remarkable. MFGM is rich in bioactive compounds that have been linked to enhancing the immune system⁴. These compounds play an important role in boosting the body's natural defences. This support empowers your child to better protect themselves from infections and illnesses. When you include MFGM in their diet, you're giving them a natural boost that enhances their immunity. This ensures their health and well-being.¹² ¹³

Whether you choose to breastfeed or use MFGM-enriched formulae, incorporating MFGM into the diet can provide benefits for your child's digestive and immune health. As this research continues to uncover the deep relationships between nutrition and cognitive progress, it provides transformational insight into developing more capable and robust minds for future generations.

MFGM's Holistic Impact on Child Development


4. In conclusion: Nurturing a Bright Future with MFGM

In the journey of parenting, where each decision shapes your child's future, embracing the significance of MFGM becomes a cornerstone of your approach as it does many good things for your child. As we've explored, MFGM's impact on language development, cognitive development, EQ, and overall well-being is profound. It also makes them feel more confident and social. MFGM even makes their immune system stronger, keeping them healthier. And when life gets tough, MFGM helps them handle challenges with confidence and grace. By integrating MFGM into your child's diet, you're equipping them with a powerful ally that supports their brain, immunity, and emotional growth.

Informed choices in nutrition today lay the foundation for tomorrow's success. With MFGM, you're providing your child with the advantage of a brighter, more enriching future. As you prioritise their growth, remember that MFGM isn't just an ingredient; it's a catalyst for their potential and well-being.

Discover the power of the 5-Year MFGM Advantage Follow Up Study in nurturing holistic child development. Explore how this approach fosters learning, critical thinking, enhances IQ and EQ, refines language and motor skills development, and supports immunity and digestive health for a comprehensive foundation. Join the Enfamama A+ Club for exclusive benefits!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some commonly asked questions about Milk Fat Globule Membrane (MFGM)⁵, and learning, critical thinking, IQ/EQ, cognitive development and gut health, along with simplified answers:

  1. What is MFGM?

MFGM, or Milk Fat Globule Membrane, is a natural component found in breast milk. It contains essential nutrients and bioactive compounds that support digestive development, brain function, and overall growth. MFGM promotes learning, critical thinking, enhances motor and cognitive skills, and a healthy gut environment, with optimal nutrient absorption to boost the immune system.

  1. What are the benefits of MFGM on overall child development?

Consuming milk fat globules and their surface membrane has shown clear benefits for human health. This includes positive effects on cognitive and immune function, gut health, maturation, metabolism (including cholesterol and insulin metabolism), improved motility later in life, and enhanced skin health.

Growing evidence suggests that MFGM (milk fat globule membrane) can positively impact immune functions, central nervous system development, and metabolism. Standard formulas, lacking bovine MFGMs due to the production process, often use vegetable oils instead. This difference may contribute to observed variations between formula-fed and breastfed children. Consequently, recent initiatives aim to enhance standard formulas by incorporating bovine MFGM to closely mimic the composition of human milk.¹⁴

  1. How important is MFGM in formula?

    MFGM is a special part found in milk from mammals and is made up of three layers: polar lipids, glycolipids, and proteins. Lately, experts have been looking into MFGM a lot to make formula even better as they have proven favourable results in terms of brain development and protecting children from illnesses.


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