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Congratulations mama! It’s time to meet the hero of your 9-month story soon! Preparing for the birthing process is essential to ensuring a smooth and safe experience. With various factors to consider, such as medical team expertise and available facilities, it's important to gather all the necessary information. Needless to say, it can be overwhelming, so it’s best to prepare and plan the day down to the details. Before your big day arrives, one crucial decision to make is selecting the right hospital for your delivery in Singapore. If you’re having trouble deciding which is best for you, read on to learn more about:

1. Considerations when choosing a hospital and medical team
2. Best public hospitals for childbirth in Singapore
3. Best private hospitals for childbirth and available facilities in Singapore
4. Frequently Asked Questions on choosing maternity hospital

Mom and dad prepare for childbirth, pack baby clothes as they head to the best hospital in Singapore

As the countdown to the big day approaches, you want to prepare yourself for every possibility. Hitting Google with a “best hospital in Singapore” search is just the start. You will want to make sure that the hospital you choose to deliver your baby is equipped with special care facilities. And not just that, the hospital should also be a good fit for your birth plan. Let’s take a closer look at some of the considerations you need to make for the day of your delivery.


The Best Hospital in Singapore to Deliver Your Baby

Singapore, known for its excellent healthcare system, offers a range of world-class hospitals with exceptional maternity services. These hospitals provide a safe and supportive environment for expecting parents, ensuring the best possible care for both the mother and the baby. Have your pick of the best maternity hospital Singapore has to offer. It should be the right fit for you, your doctor, and the birth plan you created together.


Best Hospital in Singapore: What to Look For 1, 2

When it comes to giving birth in Singapore, consider what matters to you most and pen it down. Use the criteria listed below when considering the best hospital in Singapore in line with your childbirth plan.

Include the following in your checklist:

  1. Medical Staff

During your delivery, a team of doctors will support the birth of your baby. Alongside your OB-Gyn, a paediatrician and an anesthesiologist (if you are opting to get an epidural) will be present. Trained nurses will also be there to support you. If you have chosen a Caesarean delivery, a similar team will be on call. Oftentimes, the best hospital in Singapore for delivering your baby is distinguished by its exceptional team of highly skilled and experienced doctors. Most importantly, does your OB-Gyn practice at the hospital where you want to give birth? You’ll want your labour and delivery to be supervised by a doctor whom you trust and who knows your pregnancy.

  1. Birth Facilities

Most hospitals have facilities that include a labour room, a delivery room, a recovery room, and a semi-private room or private room where you will spend the next few days.

Based on your birth plan, you might have additional needs, such as supportive birthing facilities. Water birth facilities, for example, are only available in select hospitals. Ask other mothers on pregnancy and mom forums or at your clinic for their reviews and recommendations for the best hospital in Singapore that meets your similar requirements.

  1. A Special Care Nursery

Giving birth can be unpredictable, and you want to be prepared for every possibility. For this reason, you may want to choose a hospital with a special care nursery where neonatologists are prepared for premature births and for babies needing special attention or close observation. Modern special care nurseries encourage parents and caregivers to bond with the baby.

  1. Your Pregnancy Needs

Are you having a breech delivery, twins or multiples? Are you over the age of 35? Do you have gestational diabetes? It is best to be in a hospital that has policies and experienced medical teams equipped for your specific needs.

  1. Health Insurance Coverage

Naturally, you’ll want a hospital that accepts your health insurance coverage. Find out what is and is not included in your health insurance and ask your employer and the hospital about available maternity packages in Singapore.


What You Should Know About Baby-Friendly Hospitals

When trying to find the best hospital in Singapore for childbirth, consider going to a baby-friendly hospital (BFS). The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative was launched by the World Health Organisation and UNICEF in 1991 to ensure that maternity units in hospitals are centres for breastfeeding support3. This accreditation signifies that the hospital follows evidence-based practices that promote and support breastfeeding, bonding, and the nurturing of babies and their mothers, and provides comprehensive care and education to new parents, emphasising the importance of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin contact. 


What is the Best Hospital in Singapore?

Luckily, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to the best hospital in Singapore to deliver your baby.

One of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to choose a public or private hospital. Suites at a private maternity hospital in Singapore will generally cost more than rooms at public hospitals. However, the quality of healthcare is generally high at both public and private hospitals in Singapore.


Best Hospital in Singapore: Public Institutions

1. Singapore General Hospital4

Singapore General Hospital offers a full suite of services and has teams of trained medical professionals, including lactation consultants and physiotherapists, to help new mothers.

2. National University Hospital (NUH)5

NUH is well-known for specialising in high-risk obstetrics. If you have a complicated pregnancy, NUH could be a great choice for you!

3. KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH)6

KKH specialises in caring for women and children and is the largest maternity hospital in Singapore. An experienced team delivers 30-35 babies a day with a dedicated perinatal squad on standby at the delivery suite.


Best Hospital in Singapore: Private Institutions 

1. Thomson Medical7

Thomson Medical boasts of birthing 8,000 babies a year in addition to having maternity rooms that are as comfortable as hotel suites. It is the only private hospital in Singapore with water birthing facilities.

2. Gleneagles Hospital8

There’s nothing quite like the VIP treatment at Gleneagles. The hospital has some of the most spacious and comfortable maternity suites in Singapore.

3. Parkway East Hospital9

Parkway East Hospital delivers around 2,000 babies a year. The hospital has an experienced team of doctors, lactation consultants, nutritionists, and more, to support pregnant mothers at every point in their pregnancy journey.

Whether you’re a first-time mom or an experienced parent, you can never do too little when planning for childbirth. Consult your doctor and other trusted parents for the best hospital in Singapore for childbirth. 

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Frequently Asked Questions on choosing maternity hospital 

Here are some frequently asked questions when it comes to birth plans and choosing the best hospital in Singapore and birthing facilities for you. 

  1. When should you consider birth centres? And, birth centres are best for what type of births?1, 2

Each pregnancy is distinct, and every woman has her own individual birth plan preferences. These preferences may include options such as home birth, hospital birth, or a birthing centre. However, the ultimate determination of the delivery location depends on what is deemed best for the baby and the most optimal method of delivery. 

Birthing centres are ideal for moms who have a low-risk pregnancy and no serious health difficulties in their medical background. This option is especially suitable for women who desire to give birth with the support of their partners, family, and/or friends while requiring minimum medical assistance. Consult your doctor about the best delivery method for your pregnancy.

  1. Hospitals are best for what types of births?1, 2

A hospital setting is the most sought-after option for delivery for most moms-to-be, as it provides the best medical support with continuous monitoring of the mother and her child. Hospitals and their medical teams may also be better equipped to address more complicated, high-risk pregnancies. 

A hospital delivery may be better for women who have a high-risk pregnancy, are carrying multiples, have gestational diabetes, hypertension or a breech baby. Consult your medical team so that you can work together for the best health outcome.

  1. When are home births ideal?1, 2 

While home births are growing in popularity, the majority of doctors advise against this type of birth plan. This is because, firstly, parents and supporting birth teams at home may not have the experience, expertise, and medical training to address complications during birth. These complications can be life-threatening, and being too far away from proper medical facilities puts the health of the mother and child at greater risk. Consider all the risks with your medical team and your doctor before you make your birthing decision. 


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