The wait is almost over! Remember to get these questions answered during your ob-gyn visits in the third trimester!



Being in your third trimester of pregnancy, you probably have questions about your health. Your health directly correlates with your child’s health as well. Below, you’ll see a couple questions you can ask your Ob-gyn about health and nutrition.

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  • Is my weight gain normal? Will the rate of gaining increase this trimester?



While you’re almost at the end of your pregnancy, there’s a lot of changes that you probably have questions about. Check out the commonly asked pregnancy questions below.

  • Is there anything to note in tracking my baby’s movements?

  • Would you advise cord blood banking?



What should you be doing for activities during your third trimester? Check out some of the common questions about activities asked to Ob-gyn below.

  • How much physical activity is healthy? How can I still keep fit at this stage?

  • Is it safe to have sex at this stage?



Child delivery is probably more on your mind now than it was 6 months ago. There are so many questions third-trimester mothers ask their ob-gyn. Check out a handful of them below.

  • What signs of labour should I look out for?

  • When should I go to the hospital?

  • Whom can I have in the delivery room with me?

  • What are my options for pain relief?

  • What are your views on delayed cord clamping with immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth?

  • What situations would warrant an emergency C-section?

  • What happens during an emergency C-section?

  • When will you have to induce labour?

  • Can we go over my birth plan?

  • What should I expect just after I give birth?



Are there other questions you may have for your ob-gyn during your third trimester? Don’t be afraid to ask them anything. Here are a few example questions that many soon-to-be mothers ask.

  • May I ask for your emergency contact number/s?

  • When’s the best time for me to start my maternity leave?

  • What breastfeeding support does the hospital offer?