Third Trimester of Pregnancy: Pregnant mom  gets ready for her baby’s birth

The third trimester is a joyful period filled with anticipation and excitement as you prepare to welcome your precious baby into the world. This magical phase spans weeks 28 to 40 of your pregnancy, leading you closer to the beautiful moment of childbirth. It's a time of remarkable foetal growth, getting ready for labour, and embracing the wonderful physical changes that come with it.

Are you in your third trimester of pregnancy? Your baby is almost here – and we are sure you still have a lot of concerns and questions. And that’s okay! You should prepare a list to check before delivery and feel free to discuss it with your doctors and medical team. If you’re not sure of what to ask, we have compiled a list that covers the following:

The wait is almost over! Remember to make a list of questions to ask before delivery and get these answered during your ob-gyn visits in your third trimester of pregnancy!

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Questions for Ob-Gyn Before Delivery

1. Health and Nutrition1

Ensuring your baby receives the essential nutrition for healthy growth is a top priority during the third trimester of pregnancy. Enfamama A+ is here to provide you with the daily support you and your growing baby need, with its carefully crafted formula enriched with vital nutrients like DHA and folic acid, designed to nurture your baby's development. Explore the benefits of Enfamama A+ and discover how it can be your trusted companion on this beautiful journey of motherhood. Learn more here.

Maintaining good health and proper nutrition during the third trimester of pregnancy is crucial for both you and your baby's well-being. As you approach the end of your pregnancy, your baby is fast developing and your body is undergoing substantial changes. Here are some questions to ask your Ob-gyn:

  • How is my baby's growth and development progressing?

  • What should I expect in terms of weight gain this trimester?

  • How many calories should I be eating?

  • Do I need to take prenatal vitamins and how much? 

  • How much water should I drink during pregnancy? 

  • Are there any warning signs or symptoms I should be aware of?

  • How to avoid gestational diabetes?

  • How can I better plan my meals?


2. Pregnancy2,3

What are some questions to ask your ob-gyn at 28 weeks and beyond? While you are almost at the end of your pregnancy, there are still a lot of changes that you probably have questions about. Check out the commonly asked pregnancy questions below.

  • Is there anything to note in tracking my baby’s movements?

  • It hurts when my baby moves, is this normal?

  • Would you advise cord blood banking4?

  • What are the advantages of cord blood banking for my baby?

  • What are some do’s and don’ts at this stage?

  • What is the status of my baby's position for delivery?

  • What are the signs of preterm labour, and what should I do if I experience them?

  • What are Braxton Hicks contractions?

  • How often should I monitor foetal movements?

  • What is the plan for prenatal tests and screenings during the third trimester?

  • Do I need any vaccinations during pregnancy or after delivery? How about Tdap?

  • What is the schedule for my remaining prenatal appointments?

  • What pain relief options are available during labour and delivery?

  • Are there any dietary or lifestyle changes I should make during the third trimester?


3. Physical activity during third trimester5,6

What should you be doing for activities during your third trimester of pregnancy? Check out some of the common questions to ask before delivery below.

  • How much physical activity is healthy? How can I still keep fit at this stage?

  • What activities should I avoid? 

  • Is it safe to have sex at this stage?

  • What are the potential risks of having sex in the third trimester?

  • Is contraception necessary? 

  • Will exercise cause me to go into labour early?


4. Labour and Delivery7

Child delivery is probably more on your mind now than it was 6 months ago. Here are a few questions for your doctor regarding the third trimester of pregnancy.

  • When should I decide on a birth plan? 

  • What signs of labour should I look out for?

  • When should I go to the hospital?

  • Who can I have in the delivery room with me?

  • What are my options for pain relief?

  • What are your views on delayed cord clamping with immediate skin-to-skin contact after birth?

  • What situations would warrant an emergency C-section?

  • What happens during an emergency C-section?

  • When will you have to induce labour?

  • Can we go over my birth plan?

  • What should I expect just after I give birth?

  • How can I prepare for breastfeeding and postpartum recovery?

  • What should I include in my hospital bag for labour and delivery?

  • What is the plan for follow-up care after delivery?

  • Do you have any recommendations for childbirth classes or resources?


5. Others

If you have more questions, don’t be afraid to have a long talk with your doctor and medical team. Here are a few sample questions that many soon-to-be mothers ask.

  • May I ask for your emergency contact number/s?

  • When’s the best time for me to start my maternity leave?

  • What breastfeeding support does the hospital offer?

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Dr Veena Angle
MBBS, MD Microbiology (India)

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